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Sunday, 28 July 2013

'Inspired' at Ashton Court-a few more images of work on show

Here are some more photos of the work on show at 'Inspired':

This photo shows one of the three rooms, with work by;
Chuck Elliott, Tim Chadsey, Waywood furniture, John Makepeace, Jonathon Markowitz, Barry Cawston, Graham Ilkin, Anthony Gray and Ben Rawlinson

The 'Audrey' cabinet, by Cadman furniture

This stainless steel hare was made by Miranda Micheals,  with the image behind by Tina Lewis

A bleached oak chest of drawers, made by Dunleavy Bespoke

The table and boxes are by Erich Fichter, with the dandelion study by Tina Lewis

This ceramic piece is by Dartmouth-based Bob Dawson

The 'Slow Wave' bench by Sue Darlison, the curator of the exhibition

These woven willow pieces are by Sarah Woodrow

'The Bridge' oak table by Martin Urmston, with Anthony Gray's 'Solitaire' table lamp

Kevin Stamper's 'Orford' table and lamp

'Night Horizon' bureau, by Knut Klimmek

A detail of William Self's 'Ellipse Squared' table

Petya Kapralova made this wall sculpture, which shows a detail of the Icelandic coast

Graham Ilkin's 'Triunite' console table

These sea images by Jane Reeves are actually made from fused glass

The marquetry pieces on the wall are by Christine Meyer-Eaglestone,
with the table made from oak and glass by Caroline  de Winton

The jewellery cabinet was made by Rhys Gillard, with the picture by Karyn Rossenrode

These glass pieces were made by Becky Wills, of Yellow Dog Glass

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